Wabash 11th District - Bluffs, Illinois to Keokuk, Iowa

Motive Power

Wabash Class F-4 2-6-0 #573 represents the standard power on the Bluffs, IL to Keokuk, IA branch during most of the steam era. After retirement in 1955, this locomotive was donated to the Museum of Transport in St. Louis - Wabash RR Company photograph, Collection of Rob Adams

Wabash Class F-4 2-6-0 #587 was one of five similar engines assigned to the Bluffs, IL to Keokuk, IA branch during the latter part of the steam era. - R. Foster photograph, Collection of William Raia

More Wabash power

Wabash Class F-4 2-6-0 #569 - R. Foster photograph, Collection of William Raia

Wabash Class B-7 0-6-0 #537 - Collection of William Raia



Wabash 2200 series

- Rob Adams collection, photographer unknown

Wabash 2600-2649 series

- All, Rob Adams collection, photographer unknown



- Overland Models HO scale Wabash wood caboose #2608 as modified by Rob Adams.
Changes include painting painting wheel sets faces and all grab irons the body color (the grabs are painted black from the factory), and the addition of decals for paint oval and reweigh stencils as appropriate for the late 1930's. Underframe brake gear could be reworked with addition of missing brake levers and rods (Overland's builder abbreviated the brake gear on these models). Weathering eventually to be added to all models. This model is OMI #087030012.1 and was available factory-painted in 5 numbers; #2601, 2608, 2615, 2630 and 2637.


Employee Timetables

Decatur Division ETT #7 September 30th, 1934


Facilities and industries along the Wabash' Bluffs, IL to Keokuk, IA branch

Bluffs, IL - Station 189, M.P. 465.4, from Detroit (Scott County)

- Rob Adams collection, photographer unknown

Meredosia, IL - Station 191 (Morgan County)

Perry Springs , IL - Station 193 (Brown County)

Versailles, IL - Station 195 (Brown County)

Gilbirds, IL - Station 197 (Brown County)

Hersman, IL - Station 199 (Brown County)

Mt. Sterling, IL - Station 201 (Brown County)

Timewell, IL - Station 203 (Brown County)

Clayton, IL - Station 205 (Adams County)

Blacks, IL - Station 221 (Adams County)

Golden, IL - Station 223 (Adams County)

Chatton, IL - Station 225 (Adams County)

Bowen, IL - Station 227 (Hancock County)

Denver, IL - Station 229 (Hancock County)

Bentley, IL - Station 231 (Hancock County)

Carthage, IL - Station 233 (Hancock County)

Elvaston, IL - Station 235 (Hancock County)

Hamilton, IL - Station 237 (Hancock County)

Keokuk, Iowa - Station 239 (8700) (Lee County)

Additional information about the Wabash' Bluffs to Keokuk branch to be added in the near future.




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