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An economical and effective solution for non-illuminated marker lamp lenses

As applied to an HO scale Challenger Imports CB&Q NE-7 waycar model

Materials needed - #00 paint brush, Testors #1145 White enamel, Testors #1530 Green Metallic, and Model Master #2724 Stop Light Red Metallic

Basic Technique

  1. Mask model as necessary to protect paint
  2. Paint lantern body if necessary (this model was factory painted and the lantern bodies were already black)
  3. Paint lens recesses white - let dry
  4. Paint lens recess red or green as appropriate, will require multiple layered coats to build convex lens, thick coats will shrink as they dry
  5. Be sure not to pack the models away until marker lenses have dried thoroughly!

Variations of this technique will also work for switch lamps, tail lights and other applications

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