The CB&Q's K-Line - Burlington to St. Louis

Structures and Facilities along the K-Line

Burlington, Iowa (Des Moines County)

Spring Grove M.P. 214.2 (Des Moines County)

Bridge 213.37 - single span deck plate girder, 60', over Brush Creek

Bridge 211.16 - twin span through truss, 359', 89 span pile trestle, over Skunk River

Wever M.P. 209.9 (Lee County)

Ft. Madison M.P. 202.0 (Lee County)

Bullard M.P. 197.1 (Lee County)

Bridge 196.0 - 2 span deck plate girder, 131', over Devil Creek

Viele M.P. 195.6 (Lee County)

Bridge 195.10 - single span through truss, 126', 31 span pile trestle, over Sugar Creek

Beck M.P. 193.9 (Lee County)

Montrose M.P. 189.3 (Lee County)

Sandusky M.P. 183.3 (Lee County)

Keokuk M.P. 177.9 (Lee County)


Old Monroe

North St. Louis

East St. Louis


More to come...


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