Above - Wouldn't it be fun to know the story behind this photograph! Could it be a railroad man, complete with pistol and knife, turned desperado for the camera? A wonderful reminder that the railroads were far more than rolling stock and track. - From the collection of Archie Hayden

Images of the people who made the railroad function - Most are late-1920's and 1930's views from negatives that were taken by a CB&Q employee who worked on a bridge and structure painting crew. Many were taken on the CB&Q's Hannibal Division. - From original negatives in the collection of Rob Adams



A river town, with a depot, an elevator, water tank, tool house, trains...and people...ubiquitous. Where?

At an unknown location, circa 1930, a section crew poses with their motor car.

Negative #CBQ002

The painting crew with their bunk and supply cars.

The depot gang poses with an early stock car in the background.


After a flood...the hard work of clean-up and rebuilding remains...ever more a challenge before the extensive mechanization we have today.

At an unknown location, circa 1930, the Q's work force breaks for a meal, using their section cars and push carts as picnic tables.

Track crews gather at the site of a washout

Negative #CBQ003

A pile driver and its crew work to repair a pile trestle



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