This site is dedicated to the historical research and modeling of railroad lines which ran through Keokuk and Centerville, Iowa. The main focus is a steam-era view of the CB&Q's ex-Keokuk & Western RR branch, with substantial attention paid to connecting roads such as the Wabash, the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, and the Toledo, Peoria & Western. These operations had a classic midwestern, rural branch line appeal. Keokuk is the quintessential Mississippi River town, and Centerville was the division headquarters for the K&W branches during much of the CB&Q era. Since the transportation of industrial, mining and agricultural products were the primary reason for these railroad's existence, this site also explores those subjects. My goal is to document the artifacts, facilities, equipment and operations of these railroads as thoroughly as possible, stimulating research, modeling and nostalgia in the process. Please look around and come back often, for material is added frequently.

Rob Adams -November, 2006

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