1938 Keokuk Union Depot Passenger Train Timetable

1938 Keokuk Union Depot Timetable

1898 Keokuk & Western Passenger Timetable - more coming soon

Keokuk & Western Lantern - Adams & Westlake bell-bottom lantern - photo courtesy of Andy Zemlicka, click to enlarge

CB&Q Keokuk dater die - from the collection of Rob Adams, image has been reversed so that text is more readable.

1889 Keokuk & Western Pass - from the collection of Rob Adams

1891 Keokuk & Western Pass


1894 Keokuk & Western Pass



1897 Keokuk & Western Pass



1900 Keokuk & Western Pass

1901 Keokuk & Western Pass


1889 Humeston & Shenandoah RR Pass

Late-1800's CB&Q Playing Cards


K & W brand cigar box - from the collection of Archie Hayden, click images to see larger versions



Keokuk & Western Freight Receipt - click thumbnail to view enlarged image

CB&Q lading sign for Eggs - sign measures

CB&Q Demurrage Pamphlet

CB&Q 1940 Distribution Chart



CB&Q 1916 LCL Rules



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